Can I Get Divorced in Texas?

January 3, 2019

If you or your spouse have lived in Texas for at least the previous six (6) months you can get divorced in Texas.  This is so regardless of which spouse lives in Texas. 


For instance, if your spouse lives in Texas but you don’t you can file for divorce in Texas.  Likewise, you can get divorced in Texas if you live in Texas but your spouse doesn’t. 


If one spouse lives outside of Texas there are certain additional requirements that must be met before a Texas court can divide property and determine custody.  The most common additional requirement to meet is showing that the spouse living outside of Texas lived in Texas in the marital home within the past two (2) years. 


Where in Texas Can I Get Divorced?


You can get divorced in the county where you live if you have lived there for at least ninety (90) days.  Living in a county means being there with the intent that the county be your home.  It’s possible, although not that common, to live in two or more counties.  Those individuals living in two or more counties will be able to get divorced in any of the counties in which they live.


If you’re getting divorced in the Central Texas and want to speak to a divorce attorney about your case, call 512-900-6011 for a free case review with Kannon Moore. 


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