Hiring an Attorney

Divorces can be messy ordeals even when that's not the plan in the beginning.  Often it happens that people begin realizing they're going to lose something forever or be stuck paying money to or for their soon to-be ex-spouse.  At that point tensions tend to start rising.  That's not even mentioning divorces involving children.  

The reality of many divorces is there are fairly complex transactions taking place even if that's not always how it appears.  This point is driven home even more by the finality of a divorce--when they're done, they're done.

Hiring an attorney to help with your divorce gives you a dedicated advocate to oversee the process for you.  If you're going through a divorce or considering getting divorced and would like to discuss your situation with an attorney, you can give Kannon Moore a call at (512) 900-6011.

However, if you're just exploring the process trying to learn more, I've shared some information for you here about The Legal Process of divorce, to include Getting Divorced With Children, Division of Property, and Limited Scope Representation.  Hopefully familiarizing yourself with this info will help remove some stress of the unknown. 

Cost: But Don't Attorneys Cost Too Much

It's no secret that the legal process can get expensive.  If you've hired an attorney in the past or if you've already spoken with other attorneys, you probably know attorney's expect you to pay a "retainer" before they'll start working on your case.   

I don't think people shouldn't have access to representation because they can't pay an attorney $5,000 to $10,000 upfront.  Although I can't and won't work for free and I do need a retainer before I can begin working on any family law case, I'm always willing to discuss payment plans and various payment options that may work for you.  

If you want to discuss hiring Kannon to assist with your legal matter, you can give him a call at (512) 900-6011.

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