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Cedar Park Bankruptcy Attorney
A Debt Relief Professional

At Kannon Moore Law, our team of consumer bankruptcy professionals helps Texas residents in and around Cedar Park who are struggling to keep up with their debt payments. Regardless of how you ended up with overwhelming debt, our Cedar Park bankruptcy attorney and his team can help you get out of debt and have a fresh start.

You'll want a trusted and knowledgeable law firm who only offers bankruptcy solutions to help folks just like you get out of debt. We'll be by your side through the entire bankruptcy process, providing you with the best solution for your personal financial situation. Our team is knowledgeable of different bankruptcy options and knows how to avoid fatal bankruptcy issues. Our Cedar Park bankruptcy attorney and his team assist clients facing overwhelming financial problems everyday. Schedule your free consultation today to get started.

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How can Kannon Moore Law Help You?

Cedar Park Bankruptcy Attorney for Chapter 7 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of bankruptcy. It's sometimes referred to as a "liquidation bankruptcy" because the bankruptcy trustee can take any property that you can't protect using an exemption. Lucky for us in Texas, our bankruptcy exemptions are typically enough to protect most to all of a debtor's property. So although some folks may lose some property to the trustee in a Chapter 7, most folks are able to keep all of their property and the only thing they get rid of is their unsecured debt.

Learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy here.

How Can Chapter 7 Help Me?

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates all of your qualifying debts, including credit card debt, medical bills, payday loans and personal loans (aka signature loans), repossession deficiencies, toll bills, and a variety of other qualifying unsecured debts.

Filing a bankruptcy petition also puts an immediate stop to all lawsuits, preventing costly litigation, judgments, and garnishments. There's no repayment plan in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the entire process usually takes about four months from start to finish from the time your bankruptcy case is submitted via electronic filing. This makes Chapter 7 bankruptcy the fastest and cheapest debt relief solution.

Cedar Park Bankruptcy Lawyer for Chapter 13 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides options for meaningful debt reorganization, consisting of a repayment plan lasting three to five years. The repayment plan is determined after reviewing several factors, but the primary concern is ensuring that you can afford the monthly payments. The amount of unsecured debt that gets repaid in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy varies from zero to one-hundred percent depending on what you can afford, and any unpaid unsecured debt remaining at the end of your repayment plan gets discharged.

Learn more about Chapter 13 here.

How Can Chapter 13 Help Me?

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This chapter of personal bankruptcy is sometimes called a "wage earner's bankruptcy," because it's used to help folks get out of debt when they don't qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The debt reorganization function allows folks who can no longer afford their minimum monthly payments to reduce the amount they pay their unsecured creditors to an amount the debtor can actually afford.


Chapter 13 is also used by folks who have fallen behind on payments to secured creditors. It's a powerful tool that can stop a foreclosure or repossession in its tracks, help you regain possession of your vehicle after it's been repossessed, and allow you to catch up on secured debts you've fallen behind on.

Take the First Step to Get Out of Debt

Schedule a free consultation over the phone or online with our Cedar Park bankruptcy attorney today

Practice Areas

We provide bankruptcy services to help folks facing the following challenges in Central Texas.

Credit Card Debt

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Credit card debt can get out of control quickly, with increasing interest rates and penalties for late and missed payments. Our Cedar Park bankruptcy lawyer utilizes legal options from the bankruptcy code to help folks achieve a fresh financial start.

Wage Garnishment

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Wage garnishment can have a significant and immediate impact on your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Working with our Cedar Park bankruptcy lawyer can help you put an end to a garnishment or avoid one before it goes into effect.

Medical Bills and Medical Debt

Stethoscope laying on hundred dollar bills

Medical bills are a common cause of financial hardship for individuals and families and a leading cause of bankruptcy. If you are struggling with medical debt, you can work with our Cedar Park bankruptcy lawyer and his team to get out of debt.

Debt Lawsuits


It's important to seek legal services from a trusted Cedar Park bankruptcy attorney if you are facing debt lawsuits. Consult with our Cedar Park bankruptcy attorney to put an end to debt lawsuits and get out of debt at the same time.


Foreclosure is spelled out in blocks with a gavel behind it

Facing foreclosure is a stressful and overwhelming experience. Reach out to our Cedar Park bankruptcy lawyer immediately to get help and tap into the protections contained in consumer bankruptcy law that can help you protect your home.


Repossession is written on a piece of wood and a car key is setting next to it

Whether your vehicle is about to be repossessed or it's already been repossessed, our Cedar Park bankruptcy lawyer can help find the right solution for you. But it's important to act fast if your car has already been repossessed, as there are short deadlines that may prevent you from getting your car back. Reach out to our Cedar Park bankruptcy lawyer today to get help dealing with a repossession.

Get Relief From Your Debt Problems

Achieve real relief as you retake control of your finances and your life

You can choose a different future

Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy


Folks often focus on the negative aspects of bankruptcy, and frankly they distort the negatives so that they seem more extreme than they actually are. Setting that aside though, the truth about bankruptcy is that there are really meaningful and positive benefits to filing for bankruptcy. A quick list of some of the top benefits include:

  • Get out of debt - Bankruptcy provides a fresh start by eliminating or restructuring your debt.

  • Immediate relief from creditors - The automatic stay puts an immediate stop to creditor harassment, including all collection actions, including lawsuits, foreclosures, and wage garnishment.

  • Ability to plan for your future - It's hard to plan for your future when you're struggling to repay your debt, but when you eliminate all of those minimum payments you can put that money toward living your life and planning for your future.

  • Resetting your credit - Everyone talks about the damage bankruptcy does to your credit, but what they don't talk about is how eliminating your debt from your credit report lowers your credit utilization and resets your debt-to-income ratio. The impact of this is real and can put you in a much better place with stronger credit in a short time after your bankruptcy is discharged. Remember, it's debt that's bad for your credit. Bankruptcy is another symptom of debt, but it's also a means for getting out of debt that allows your credit to begin improving.

  • No more stress and anxiety from debt - Debt impacts us in so many ways, and one of the worst effects of debt is the stress and anxiety it makes us feel. Getting out of debt brings with it peace of mind and allows you to live a life without debt stress.

Kannon Moore Law is the Trusted Cedar Park Bankruptcy Lawyer for You 

Austin Bar Association - Member
National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy - Member
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File for Bankruptcy in Cedar Park, Texas

You can get out of debt. You can have a fresh start without the constant stress and worrying about money.


You can choose a different future than the one you're living. But nothing will change until you take the first step.


Our Cedar Park bankruptcy attorney can help you get out of debt. Schedule your free consultation by giving us a call today to or click here to book online.

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