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Most people don’t look forward to filing for bankruptcy, which you probably already know if you're reading this.  But the benefits of bankruptcy are undeniable if you're facing overwhelming debt.  


Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that wipes the slate clean and gives you a fresh startIt should come as no surprise then that there are many decisions made along the way that may seem unimportant unless you’re knowledgeable about bankruptcy and familiar with the process.

We work to ensure that you get the full benefit of filing for bankruptcy, and that you don’t end up getting through the process only to learn that you could have got more out of your bankruptcy if you had only done a few things differently.  

There’s also the matter of what happens after you successfully complete your bankruptcy.  Believe it or not, many people who successfully complete bankruptcy get contacted by debt collectors attempting to collect debts that were discharged through bankruptcy.  Similary, debts that were discharged during bankruptcy are often reported incorrectly on credit reports or reappear as open accounts after the discharge is granted.  When you work with us we continue looking out for you even after we've completed your bankruptcy, and we sue these types of actors for creating stress and anxiety and trying to profit off of other people's hardships.  

Filing for bankruptcy is a positive step to rebuilding your life.  When we meet with you we'll develop a plan to protect what matters to you and help you achieve financial freedom,  Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.  

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