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Kannon Moore - Managing Attorney

Austin Bankruptcy Lawyer

Kannon was born on an Air Force base in Oklahoma, about 15 minutes away from the Texas border.  He spent his childhood in Oklahoma and enlisted in the Navy shortly after graduating high school.  

He served as a cook in the Navy for 8 years, deploying 3 times on DDG 98 USS Forrest Sherman and spending 3 years in our nation's capital cooking for 2 Secretaries of Defense.  

While stationed in Washington D.C., Kannon seized an opportunity to go to college and pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.  Kannon and his family moved to Austin to be closer to his wife's family after he graduated law school.


With a deep sense of justice and a passion to help folks in need, Kannon began practicing family law and criminal defense after passing the bar.  He gained valuable experience during those years, but he quickly realized that his skills were better suited for helping people get out of debt.  

Kannon genuinely enjoys helping folks through bankruptcy.  Although he appreciates that filing for bankruptcy is a very difficult decision, he knows just how much clients stand to benefit from filing and he loves working with folks to help their lives improve.  

When Kannon isn't working with clients or managing the law firm, he's either spending time with his wife, 2 kids, and 2 dogs, cooking, or playing disc golf around Austin.

Celly Malindog - Paralegal

Celly has been working in the legal industry for the last 5 years.  Before joining Kannon Moore Law she worked for a large bankruptcy firm serving Illinois and Missouri, so she knows her way around a bankruptcy law firm. 


Celly has a passion for helping clients through difficult situations and she particularly enjoys hearing the sense of relief that begins coming over clients toward the end of their case. 


When Celly isn't at work she's dedicated to taking care of her family and making sure that her kids have all of the love and guidance they can stand.   

Austin bankruptcy attorney
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