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We're not one of those bankruptcy firms that try cranking out as many cases as possible each month.  We take a different approach intended to guide and assist you now and protect you in the future.

We're looking for clients to build a good relationship with.  The way we see it, we're going to be working closely together to prepare your bankruptcy and get you a discharge, and most importantly we're going to maintain that relationship with you after your bankruptcy is over so that we can protect you against any bad actors who disregard the protections your bankruptcy provides, now and in the future.  

We Care - We got into this line of work to help, and we believe that our approach offers the greatest benefit to our clients.  We’re kind, caring folks who have a passion for helping others.  You’ll always be treated with dignity when you’re with us and you won't be made to feel ashamed for the circumstances in your life.

We Guide You - Bankruptcy is more than just filling out forms.  It’s about making sure you're better off financially at the end of the process than before you started.  There are many decisions to make along the way and some of them may seem unimportant unless you understand consequences.  We offer thoughtful advice to help you make the best decision for you so you can focus on planning and preparing for your life post-bankruptcy.
We Protect You - This is what truly sets us apart.  We keep our eyes and ears on debt collectors and the credit reporting agencies to make sure they’re respecting your rights under consumer protection laws: Texas Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  It’s far too common for your rights to be violated after you've filed for bankruptcy.  We stay in regular communication with you throughout your bankruptcy and afterward to ensure that your rights are protected, and we sue the bad actors who violate your rights. 
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